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The Semantic Evaluation (SemEval) series of workshops focuses on the evaluation of semantic analysis systems, with the aim of comparing systems that analyse different semantic phenomena in text. SemEval has evolved from the SensEval word sense disambiguation evaluation series (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SemEval for an historical overview).

SemEval-2012 [[http://www.cs.york.ac.uk/semeval-2012/] will be associated with the new *SEM [http://ixa2.si.ehu.es/starsem/]  (First Joint Conference on Lexical and Computational Semantics), held in Montreal, Canada, June 7-8. The workshop will include presentations from organizers and participants in SemEval 2012. SemEval-2012 will be the 6th workshop on semantic evaluation.

The following task are offered in SemEval 2012:

1 English Lexical Simplification

2. Measuring Degrees of Relational Similarity

3. Spatial Role Labeling

4. Evaluating Chinese Word Similarity

5. Chinese Semantic Dependency Parsing

6. Semantic Textual Similarity

7. COPA: Choice Of Plausible Alternatives An evaluation of commonsense causal reasoning

8. Cross-lingual Textual Entailment for Content Synchronization

CELCT is co-organizer of the SemEval Task-8. For more information on the task see http://www.cs.york.ac.uk/semeval-2012/task8/.

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