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Creation of Linguistic Resources


  • coordinating the development of resources:
    • annotators
    • working groups on annotation schemes (e.g. TimeML)
    • development and editing of annotation guidelines

Scientific activities

  • creating and annotating corpora:
    • different languages (e.g Italian, English, German)
    • different sources ( e.g. newspaper articles, speech recordings, dialogues)
    • different annotation levels:
      • semantic annotation (e.g. entities, entity mentions, relations)
      • syntactic annotation (e.g. PoS tagging, chunking)
      • non-speech acoustic event annotations (e.g.filled pauses, speaker noise)

  • creating conceptual lexicons:
    • conceptual organization of terms (e.g. legal domain terms)
    • organization of lexicons to be used in the document retrieval process

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