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  • ACEtoWiki
    ACEtoWiki is a resource created by adding a manual annotation layer connecting the English ACE-2005 Corpus to Wikipedia.
  • Cross-lingual Textual Entailment (CLTE) Corpus
    The Cross-lingual Textual Entailment (CLTE) Corpus consists of 1,000 CLTE pairs. Four cross-lingual datasets are available: Spanish/English (SPA-ENG), German/English (DEU-ENG), Italian/English (ITA-ENG), French/English (FRA-ENG).
    Additionally, a monolingual English corpus was created as a by-product of the data collection methodology, consisting of 1,000 TE pairs balanced with respect to the four entailment judgments.
  • CORPS: a CORpus of tagged Political Speeches
    CORPS is a corpus of political speeches tagged with specific audience reactions, such as APPLAUSE or LAUGHTER.
  • Recognizing Textual Entailment Datasets
    Development and Test Sets (including Gold Standards) created for the RTE evaluation campaigns.

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